Glenn Mulcaire, the book: 'Stop now and you will never work in the media again'

The Independent has seen a detailed synopsis of a book that the private investigator at the heart of the 2006 News of the World phone-hacking scandal had apparently planned to write.

It reports that it was titled: “Hear to Here: The Inside Story of the Royal Household Tapes and The Murky World of the Media.”

In 2007 Mulcaire received a pay-off from the News of the World in settlement of an employment tribunal claim relating to his dismissal from the paper. A confidentiality clause would have been part of the deal.

In the book Mulcaire apparently voiced concerns after he says he was asked to tap the phones of members of the Royal Family and questions were then raised about the source of a story. The Independent quotes him saying in the book synopsis:

“We had the security breach. I wanted to stop there. I knew any more would be pushing [our] luck, but Goodman was hungry. In the end I was given no real choice. He knew I could give him access to a cash cow. One call from me and he could get a royal exclusive. But most importantly he knew I was under contract. I was told in no uncertain terms, stop now and you will never work in the media again. What choice did that give me?”

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