Getting it right isn't quite a breeze [corr]

As any journalist brought up through the blood and guts world of local papers will tell you, news editors and subs like it when you write (correct) after particularly unusual place and people names.

This practice, however, has not stretched as far one local Scottish paper, which seems to have been outfoxed by such an attempt to help their spelling.

Stephen Rafferty, ex-Daily Record and Edinburgh Evening News investigative reporter and now head of Sure PR, was preparing a press release for his client, breeze art gallery (note: not Breeze) in Peebles.

Knowing that dozy hacks automatically correct the non-existent error, he inserted the time-honoured (corr) directly afterwards, only for the newspaper, which Rafferty is not naming to spare their blushes, to refer to the “breeze (correct) art gallery in Peebles…”

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