Getting feral beast' down to a T

Tony Blair's parting shot to the media – in which he attacked over-the-top reporting by condemning hacks as "feral beasts" – has now been immortalised in T-shirt form.

Feral Beast HoneyJournalist turned fashion designer John Curran is marketing the T-shirts under the "Hack Couture Collection" label. It features a "Feral Beast" bursting forth from "a huge cage whose bars and framework has an uncanny resemblance to the massive security gates at Downing Street".

Curran said: "Most of the profits will go to a registered charity for journalists' welfare – but a small proportion may be invested at licensed premises doing what hacks do best – drinking, gossiping and whingeing".

He said: "The 100 per cent cotton shirt will only be available in one size – large, of course – to accommodate those media egos."

Pictured is John’s dog Honey, who said, according to his press release: “My last big modelling job was for the cover of Country Life to mark the centenary of the Labrador breed at the Kennel Club, but I just had to ome out of retirement for this assignment.”

The mother-of-eight added: “‘Feral Beast, moi? – the idea’s barking!”

Those interested in buying a T-shirt – price £15 plus £2.99 postage and packing – should get in touch with Curran by emailing him at

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