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German band Woog Riots titles new album Alan Rusbridger: 'Genius', says former editor

An award-winning former national newspaper editor has been immortalised on vinyl and CD.

"Alan Rusbridger" is the new album from Hamburg-based duo Woog Riots.

The band said the new work was inspired by the Guardian’s coverage of the Snowden leaks.

In a note to the ex-Guardian editor-in-chief, they explained:  “You must be surprised that a German band choosed (sic) you name for an album title. The main focus of the album was planned to be about surveillance and the Edward Snowden documents. Then German TV showed you being questioned by MPs … we really admired the way you fought for freedom of the press.

“This again made us realize how important journalism is … That inspired us to write the song Alan Rusbridger. When we were done with the whole album it turned out that Alan Rusbridger was something like a key song and the perfect album title. We hope you don’t mind and enjoy the album.”

Rusbridger has reviewed the album for his old newspaper.

He wrote: “Now, I am not sure if it is ethically acceptable to review an album named after you, but otherwise I would not hesitate to use the word genius.

Yes, it is an overused word, but sometimes you have to call it as you see it.”

The ‘Alan Rusbridger’ tour is currently taking place in venues across Germany.



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