Gavin O'Reilly: Bring on the Grey Cardigans — and quick

According to the NUJ, Independent News & Media has been blocking “much-needed new recruitment” on the Belfast Telegraph.

It seems that a long overdue consignment of new Grey Cardigans has been delayed by the need to underwrite Simon Kelner’s tab at The Ivy.

The bill must be enormous. We say this because Gavin O’Reilly, chief operating officer of IN&M, also appears to be cutting corners when it comes to his company’s corporate site.

In the bottom left hand corner of IN&M’s home page, there’s a fetching picture of O’Reilly accompanied by what’s intended to be a bit of rousing copy. It goes like this:

“INM has a very clear, compelling and coherent strategy for growth, with a very resolute and sturdy version of our newspaper brands’ place within the fast-changing media matrix.”

Is this some kind of elaborate Freudian slip? As in: “Here’s one version of our corporate strategy for you, another for him, and yet another for Mr O’Brien sitting beside the aspidistra on Table 12?”

Apparently not.

We’re told that the word Mr O’Reilly meant to deploy was “vision”, not “version”.

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