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Freedom of expression or freedom to defame?

Slightly off-topic here, but this caught my eye:

Not so long ago students would moan and bitch about their lecturers and their university over a drink in the bar, and that, for the most part, would be the end of it. Occasionally, a few comments would make it into “publication” on the wall of a lavatory cubicle. Now students’ disparaging and derogatory remarks, ranging from mild mickey-taking to the frankly abusive and defamatory, are often published online for anyone to see. “Annie Smith is shit,” screams one on the social networking site Facebook. “Fuck UEL” says another. (Times Higher Education)

Interesting ethical issues brought up here. What should students be allowed to say online?

At the end of the feature, academic staff are given a list of, quote, the “Websites to watch”.



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