Forget Facebook, here's Foetusbook

After last week's item about Simon Davis admitting that he spends most of his spare time at the Evening Standard trailing through Facebook, my email pings to attention. It's from Ellen Widdup.

She too is from the ES, and her partner, Richard Porritt, is a news editor at the Press Association.

They are soon expecting their first child, and we wish them both well. But to wile the time away, they set up a Facebook group to get other hacks to place their bets on the baby's date and time of birth and weight.

(Incidentally, they already know it's going to be a girl.)

The expectant couple are thrilled that their betting site has already attracted about 100 members, mostly hacks from the Evening Standard and Press Association, of course.

But others who have signed up are from The Sun, The Times, the Telegraph, Huddersfield Daily Examiner, Halifax Courier, Nottingham Evening Post, Manchester Evening News, Blackpool Gazette, Yorkshire Evening Post and the South London Press.

But, sadly, Axegrinder can't give the young couple any marks for originality: the site is called – wait for it – Baby Betting.

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