For digital natives, surfing is a working week

New research (sub reqd.) from youth marketing agency Face Group suggests that 16-25-year-olds spend 19.3 hours a week online. That’s versus 13.5 hours watching TV. Radio gets 8 hours. And newspapers? Just 5.1 hours.

Add this little lot up, and you’re looking at a cumulative total of 45.9 hours’ media consumption per week. Granted, there will be some extended bi-media moments — times when yoof are both surfing and (for example) listening to the radio.

So let’s assume that this cuts average media consumption time by one-third. You’re still looking at around 30 hours. In France, that’s almost a working week.

NB: Face Group don’t appear to have published their report online yet. But last year’s effort is up there, and it looks relatively chunky.

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