Feathers ruffled in tale of Coates and the jacket

"Bombergate" is how the Mail on Sunday dubbed the latest rift between the pack of "feral beasts" and the new prime minister, Gordon Brown. But Axegrinder is sure it will all blow over shortly and is only a storm in a tea cup.

The row centres on George Bush's secret gift to Brown – a bomber jacket with the PM's gold monogram, the Rt Hon Gordon Brown, on it, wrapped in gold paper with the presidential seal on top.

Mail on Sunday political editor Simon Walters, who writes about lifting the lid on Brown's secret gift, says: "One newsman took a photo of the jacket before it was quickly put back."

Although the reporters swore themselves to secrecy, what's the point of finding a treasure if you can't cash in on it?

So the picture quickly found its way around the email circuit. And the newshound who snapped it? None other, I'm told, than Sam Coates, political hack for The Times.

Keep up the sleuth work, young Sam!

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