Facebook first for network news

As you would expect, Axegrinder’s hands were rubbed together with glee on discovering the joys of “social networking phenomenon” Facebook.

Although you might expect journalists, of all people, to realise the existence of ‒ and the importance of ‒ the privacy settings there’s clearly a few out there who just don’t give a damn.

Axe has decided to spare the blushes of one young female journalist in particular, who has been causing quite a stir among her Guardian Media Group colleagues ‒ and a lot of other people out there. It’s tempting to join the rush to post the pictures of said hack posing in her smalls, but Axe has decided instead to take a look at the journalists of whom it could also be said: “should have known better”.

Lee Agnew, a self-declared “evil journalist” at the BBC, likes to make full use of his “online status” to share with the world how he’s feeling. “Lee is ridden with scurvy. (Trust me it’s better than rickets.)”

Sky News’s Liz Saul tells us how she got the nickname “Scary Liz”. “I am Scary Liz. I got the nickname at a radio station I worked at in 2001 for two years and it’s stuck. Am not quite sure why exactly I’m Scary, but the bloke at the time said it was because I had a novelty penis on my keyring…”

Axe would also like to point out to Liz that being a broadcast journalist is no excuse for bad grammar.

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