Facebook face-off as newspaper managers seek ban

The Peterborough Evening Telegraph has warned its workers against using the Facebook website.

In particular, anyone posting to the group named "Peterborough Evening Telegraph was HELL ON EARTH appreciation society thing" could find themselves in trouble.

Axegrinder has learned that one ad girl received a bollocking from her boss, and gossip is rife in the newsroom. Facebook users who work at the paper have been fleeing the site in droves and there are several reports that the anti-Facebook discussions have reached senior management level.

One post on the Evening Telegraph group from a former employee says:

"STOP PRESS – Newspaper group tries to close down internet!!!

Read all about it!!! In case you veterans didn't know, the paper has ordered all journos and snappers to get off of this page or face the sack!!!

Ha ha.

Relax fellas, in the meantime all in favour of this group say ‘aye'.


A source told Axegrinder: "Personally I only joined as I wanted to stay in touch with ex-colleagues – but there are a few dodgy posts on there."

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