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Exhibition to mark 140 years of Press Association

The Press Association is celebrating 140 years with an exhibition in the National Media Museum in Bradford, explaining the inner works of the news agency.

Breaking News: 140 Years of the Press Association opens on 18 October 2008 and will offer interactive exhibits including allowing visitors to try their hand at being a picture editor and the chance to compare coverage of a 1930s FA Cup Final with modern day reporting.

Editor of the Press Association Jonathan Grun said: ‘Press Association journalism is all about fast, fair and accurate storytelling and for the past 140 years we have told the story of our nation in daily instalments. The story might be about Gordon Brown, or Kelly Brook, or Big Brother. It might be the story of the century, or it might be completely forgotten by tomorrow – but today it is news.

‘In the years ahead no doubt technology will change and make today’s state-of-the-art systems seem as primitive as cave painting. What will not change is that people will still be hungry for great stories and brilliant images that capture their imagination.”

There will also be gallery of Press Association photography and a chance to hear from Press Association journalists.

A series of books which chronicle 100 years of British life through the Press Association’s picture archive, entitled “20th Century Britain in Pictures”, will be showcased for visitors.

The National Media Museum’s curator of photographic technology, Colin Harding, said: ‘Often without knowing it, the public see the work of the Press Association on a daily basis, simply by picking up a newspaper or logging on to a news website. ‘Breaking News’ presents a unique opportunity for visitors to go behind the scenes and see exactly how we get our front page news.”