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Ex-Mirror man pens royal wedding murder novel

A former Fleet Street picture editor has written a novel about a plot to murder Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall during the recent royal wedding.

Ron Morgans, who was in charge of pictures at the Daily Mirror at the time of Princess Diana’s death, launched the book less than two weeks after the historic event.

The thriller, called Murder at the Royal Wedding, sees a disgraced police chief and a female paparazzo team up to stop a deranged ex-con with a Diana obsession hell-bent on murdering Camilla.

Morgans’ Fleet Street career spanned five decades and seven newspapers including The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Express and Daily Mirror. During his career Morgans, 67, covered Charles and Diana’s wedding for the Daily Mail as well as Diana’s death and funeral at the Daily Mirror.

‘Having covered high profile events for a number of papers for so many years I knew that the Royal Wedding would be a really dramatic occasion and decided it would make the ideal location for a modern thriller,’he said.

‘It has all the right ingredients: a high profile target, tight security, a lunatic on the loose and the eyes of the world watching on, I couldn’t wait to get started putting pen to paper.”

He added: ‘Since the book’s launch I’ve received a few emails from people saying that it’s in bad taste and poorly timed.

‘I can see why they might feel strongly but all I’m interested in is writing books which have the reader hooked from the first page.

‘A murderous maniac on the loose at one of the biggest events in British history is certainly going to do that.”

Morgans was assistant pictures editor at the Daily Mirror for seven years and left the newspaper in 2000.