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Evgeny Lebedev, the One Show and a pet wolf named Boris

Axegrinder was pleased to see Evening Standard and Independent owner Evgeny Lebedev enjoy some decent media coverage outside of his own newspapers yesterday.

The media mogul (pictured) appeared alongside Jeremy Vine and Rob Brydon on the sofas of the One Show.

The appearance proved revealing when the programme featured a section called 'Would Evgeny Lie To You?'.

As part of the section, Lebedev read out three statements about himself, one untrue: Elton John shaved off his beard and eyebrows; he has a pet wolf called Boris; and he would be pressing the launch button for a space station trip.

Tasked with guessing which of the statements was untrue, his fellow guests incorrectly said he did not have a wolf called Boris.

Axegrinder's readers will no doubt have guessed, correctly, that Lebedev's space station tale was the lie.

His encounter with Elton John was well covered at the time, and Lebedev's close relationship with Mayor of London Boris Johnson is no secret. Johnson's register of interest shows he was treated by Lebedev to return flights and accommodation in Italy in October 2014, 2013 and 2012. The 2015 register is not up-to-date as far as last month.

Axegrinder has previously been informed of Lebedev's pet wolf, and its name, so was pleased to hear the rumour confirmed. But could it also be true that Lebedev has a pet llama called Ken?

P.s. Here's a baby picture of little Evgeny provided to the One Show:

P.p.s. Axegrinder is eagerly awaiting the Evening Standard's coverage of Lebedev's One Show appearance.



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