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Editor of scientific journal sues Nature

Scientific journal Nature is being sued for libel by the former editor of another science journal.

Professor Mohamed El Naschie is demanding damages from Nature and journalist Quirin Schiermeier over a story headed “Self-publishing editor set to retire”.

The story, which appeared in November 2008, was accompanied by a photo captioned “Apparent misuse of editorial privileges has sparked calls for a clearer peer-review process across journals.”

El Naschie, who was editor-in-chief of the Elsevier-owned Chaos, Solitons and Fractals journal for seventeen years, claims the story was defamatory.

According to a writ filed with the High Court by legal firm Collyer Bristow, El Naschie claims the story alleges he used his editorial privilege to self-publish numerous papers he’d written, which would not have been published elsewhere as they were of poor quality and had received no peer review.

El Naschie claims his reputation has been seriously damaged and that he has suffered considerable hurt, distress and embarrassment as a result of the article.

He claims Nature Publishing Group and Schiermeier made no proper effort to contact him or to give him a chance to respond to the serious allegations and that as a direct result of the story his service contracts with the King Saud University of Saudi Arabia were frozen, and regular invitations to lecture in the Middle East dried up.

He is claiming aggravated damages as the story remained on Nature’s website until March. He is also seeking an injunction banning repetition of the allegations at the centre of his claim.



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  1. was it as Nature resigned deputy Editor recently claimed that Dr J Baez was the Master mind behind the conspiracy against Dr Mohamed El Naschie

  2. Short C V.
    M.S. El Naschie was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1943. In 2012 he ran for the Presidency of Egypt. Between these two important dates he went to Germany where he received his high school and University education in Hannover. After attaining a Diploma in structural engineering and working for a few years as a consulting engineer, he moved to the UK where he obtained a Doctor of Philosophy from University College, London in 1974 under the supervision of Prof. J.M.T. Thompson, FRS and became a member of the Stability Research Group founded by Lord Henry Chilver. Subsequent important stations in his career are a full professorship in Kind Saud University, a Visiting Professor in Cornell and a Senior Visiting Professor and Scholar in the University of Cambridge. At a seminal point of time he was associated with Nobel Laureate Ilya Prigogine, Sir Herman Bondi,Sir Jams Lighthell Nobel Laureate G’tHooft and Prof. S. Al Athel, Minister of Science of Saudi Araia. In his long research career Prof. El Naschie published more than a thousand papers and articles in engineering sciences, mathematics, theoretical physics, cosmology, political science, history and art and had at one time or another his own weekly TV science program on Egyptian TV and a daily column in Rose Al-Youssef. Prof. El Naschie was a long time scientific advisor to the Egyptian and Saudi Arabian governments.Prof. El Naschie is acknowledged as one of the three pioneers of fractal spacetime theory along with Garnet Ord and Laurent Nottale and is the creator of the physical E-infinity theory of high energy physics. He was honoured for his achievements in Arabia, Germany and the USA. He was elected a Fellow of the Institute of Physics in the U.K. and was honoured in Germany by the bestowal of the title of Distinguished Fellow of the Frankfurt Association for the Advancement of Fundamental Research, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt.He presently works on the development of zero vacuum point energy reactors to utilize and amplify spacetime topological effects such as the Casimir effect and dark energy. El Naschie has recently given a new insightful interpretation of E = mc2 of Einstein where it was shown to have quantum roots, namely E = mc2/22 and E = mc2(21/22). At present(2-3-2015) his h-index is 62 and his i-10 index is 625. His Research gate index is 56.85 and impact index is 559.48

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