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Editor of 'pop-up newspaper for the 48%' The New European hopeful it has a future

The editor of post EU referendum ‘pop-up’ newspaper title the New European has said he hopes the newspaper will continue beyond four issues and that even he had been “surprised” by the quality of its content.

Matt Kelly, chief content officer at Archant, told Press Gazette the positive reaction the publication has received so far shows there is space in the media landscape for a pro-Europe voice in the press.

He said: “Nobody expected the quality of content to be as it is. I’ve been surprised myself. It’s been outstanding.”

Kelly said he would assess readers’ reactions to the possibility of a long-term paper before printing future copies, although he admits he wasn’t certain of the direction it might go in.

“Will it be a print publication? Online? A weekly thing? Monthly? I have no idea at this stage what path it might take but we are prepared to be very flexible,” he said.

The former digital director of Local World media said he is positive, based on reactions from journalists and readers, that The New European has a market.

He said: “The reaction on Twitter from readers has gone one of two ways: those who voted out think we’re the biggest bunch of idiots who ever touched a keypad while the Remainers think what we’re doing is a fantastic thing.”

The publisher has printed two issues, with the first coming out on 8 July, distributing 200,000 copies of each.

Content has included articles by Loaded magazine founder James Brown, entrepreneur Saul Klein and more recently former Number 10 spin doctor Alastair Campbell, who called for the UK to have a second EU referendum.

Politicians have not been allowed to contribute to the publication.

This week’s edition will feature an article by Booker Prize winner Howard Jacobson on racism.

It is printed in the Berliner format at the Guardian printing presses in Manchester and Stratford.



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