Detoxed journalist's book helps others beat the booze

Freelance journalist Edmund Tirbutt has called on his own experience combating a drink problem to produce a book to help others win the battle with alcohol.

Author of Beat the Booze, Kent-based finance journalist Tirbutt said: ‘To say that journalists are capable of enjoying a pint or two is probably something of an understatement. During my time in this industry I have come across hundreds of people who my book could really help.

‘Most do not perceive themselves as having a drink problem but they are well on the way to developing a serious addiction. It probably hasn’t occurred to them that they could be much happier by drinking less or by not drinking at all, and, hopefully, I can help them change their lives.”

Tirbutt and his co-author, wife Helen, interviewed alcohol experts and drinkers who have cut down or stopped drinking alcohol altogether. Both authors also called on their personal experiences in combating alcohol. Edmund has been tee-total for the whole of his 21 years in journalism, after overcoming a serious drink problem.

Press Gazette readers can buy the book for £6.49, saving a third on the cover price, by phoning 01730 233870 or going to the website (see right).

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