Daily Mirror resorts to making journalists sell burgers

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The Daily Mirror seems to be resorting to making its journalists sell burgers in order to turn a buck.

Axegrinder's attention has been drawn to this 'news story' currently appearing on the Daily Mirror website about the launch of Burger King's Christmas menu.

It starts:

The festive season got off to a meaty swing today thanks to the unveiling of Burger King's Christmas menu .

And fast food fans will be thrilled as the burger restaurant goes full-on seasonal emporium for Yuletide.

With more than 11 million diners worldwide, it's launched new festive products and limited-edition Christmas packaging in the UK as well as select locations in Europe, the US, Latin America and Asia.

The three limited edition burgers are the Meat Lovers Whopper, the Quattro Cheese Whopper and the Quattro Cheese Tendercrisp.

It goes on:

A Meat Lovers Whopper sandwich combines a traditional Whopper patty with chorizo, chipotle sauce and creamy mayo.

The Quattro Cheese Whopper brings together a Whopper patty with a crunchy cheese patty and a layer of cheddar cheese sauce.

If you're more into their chicken dishes, the Quattro Cheese Tendercrisp features a crunchy cheese patty with chicken.

There is even a quiz:

You get the picture.

Axegrinder asked the Daily Mirror what the flip is going on and why this piece isn't labelled up as advertising.

A spokesperson said: "This actually wasn't an advertising feature – it's just news. We regularly write news pieces online on new menus as it's something that does well for traffic numbers."



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