Daily Mail deploys the infamous paparazzo gutter shot on Sally Bercow

Axegrinder naively thought the papparazo diving back-first into the gutter to take shots up the skirts of female celebrities was the stuff of urban legend – or at least a relic of the days when all journalists wore trench coats and fedora hats. Not so as page three of today's Daily Mail reveals.

The paper notes that Sally Bercow "threw her dignity to the wind by exposing her underwear" as she climbed into a taxi after an awards do. Well it was certainly exposed to the photographer lying at her feet and pointing his flashbulb and wide-angled lens upwards.

The Telegraph also covered Bercow's exit from the Attitude awards but opted for a rather more gallant crop of the photos, supplied by 'Fameflynet'.

The Express showed a smidgeon more restraint than the Mail, holding back from using the image where the photographer was apparently lying at Bercow's feet and aiming his camera directly up her skirt.

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