Council invite holds hacks to ransom - Press Gazette

Council invite holds hacks to ransom


Consternation at the offices of the Cambridge Evening News after a threatening poison pen letter arrived.

It seemed that the sender ‒ who only identified themselves as KD Napped (of Ransom Road)‒ sent similar packages to a number of media outlets.

The mystery was solved when this email from Karen Cameron, deputy town clerk of Huntingdon town council, popped into in-boxes: “The mayor of Huntingdon, Councillor Jennifer Sarabia, has sent a number of packages to various recipients, including the press, which are intended as invitations to her Halloween party on October 27th 2007.

“Receipt of the package at CEN has already caused panic and the police were contacted. Please do not be alarmed if you receive a package, which has been sent as an intended prank but which might be misunderstood.”



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