Work for freelance journalists: Content Cloud offers 30-day payments

Content Cloud offers new sources of work for freelance journalists with 30-day payment guarantee

Content Cloud offers new sources of work for freelance journalists

Press Gazette has launched a partnership with our sister company Progressive Content to provide more work for freelance journalists via its Content Cloud platform.

Progressive Content sees a strong future for native editorial content in the post Covid-19 world as brands seek to grow share and bounce back from the crisis.

That’s why it has today launched a recruitment drive to attract more professional journalists to sign up to its content creation platform. The service is free for journalists but only bona fide professionals with evidence of published work will be accepted on to the network.

Its Content Cloud platform provides an easy way for organisations who aren’t used to commissioning content to engage the services of professional journalists and content creators.

For freelances (and staff specialists looking for extra income) Content Cloud provides exclusive access to new sources of work. And crucially, it offers a 30-day payment guarantee.

That means journalists are paid within 30 days of the content being received and approved (not within 30 days of publication as is often the case).

Publishers also have to preload Content Cloud account with budget providing extra reassurance that journalists will always get paid (useful to know in uncertain times such as these).

Progressive  Content strategy director Richard Cree said: “In the last year or so we have started to see that small and medium-sized firms are more content ready than they were five years ago, and with only minimal handholding, are able to create content marketing campaigns through Content Cloud.

“This is good news for the freelancers and creators on the network, because there is a higher volume of content and more variety.

“We have created several Covid-19 content hubs for clients, focused on practical advice and support for our clients’ customers, often reacting very quickly to government announcements. This content agility is becoming ever more important, and valuable.

“Really, this is the same old story about advertising and recessions – the adage that those that keep advertising in a downturn gain share may have been coined in a golden age for FMCG advertising, but it’s seems just as relevant for native B2B content programmes today.”

Journalists interested in using Content Cloud to find new sources of work can sign up here.

Publishers and brands interested in using  Content Cloud to commission work can find out more here.

Read more about Content Cloud here in our Q &A with strategy director Richard Cree.