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CNBC merges digital and TV teams in London

CNBC has integrated its digital and TV network teams after moving into new studio space at its European headquarters in London.

The digital desk is at the heart of the new operation after the decision was made to move the team from the back office and into the studio.

The desk will monitor and integrate digital media into live broadcast programming using, blogs, websites and real-time newswires.

CNBC vice president of international news and programming John Casey said the new set-up will allow the channel to incorporate viewer opinions, and show its TV audience ‘what the key digital discussions are, which will help us further analyse reactions to news events”.

Central to the new studio is a new video wall which CNBC claims is one of the biggest in Europe. The studio upgrade is the culmination of an 18-month period of development across the network’s international offices.

Casey admits he was expecting a ‘cultural battle’when he brought the digital and TV teams together.

‘Historically, we thought of the platforms as different structures in the news room and treated them differently,’he said.

‘This is about getting away from that silo mentality and integrating them into one function.”

Casey believes the reason why it’s been ‘surprisingly easy’to bring the two teams together is because so many broadcast journalists now produce work for the website.

He added: ‘The penny has certainly dropped. If you don’t engage in new media and make it relevant then you will be behind the curve.’