City Uni considers future of journalism with lectures from Schifferes and Bradshaw

Two interesting lectures on the future of journalism are coming up at City University in London.

In his inaugural lecture as Marjorie Deane Professor of Financial Journalism, Steve Schifferes considers the future for business journalism in the wake of the global financial crisis in “Covering the crisis: the challenge of financial journalism in an age of austerity.” It takes place on 17 February, 2011, at 6.30pm

Then, on 3 March, visiting professor Paul Bradshaw delivers a lecture entitled: “Is Ice Cream Strawberry? Journalism’s invisible history and conflicted future.

He says: “Since the web was invented – and for decades before – journalists have told two stories about technology: that it will save us, or it will destroy us. Now the news industry is telling the same story to itself.”

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