Chris Huhne's partner Carina Trimingham drops appeal over rejected Daily Mail privacy and harassment claim

MP Chris Huhne's partner Carina Trimingham has dropped her appeal against last year’s High Court rejection of her privacy and harassment claim against Daily Mail publisher Associated Newspapers.

Trimingham initially was given permission for an appeal against the decision in September, four months after she lost her hearing at the High Court – but she has now withdrawn that appeal.

The news comes just over two weeks after Huhne pleaded guilty to perverting the court of justice in relation to allegations he persuaded his then wife Vicky Pryce to take speeding points.

Trimingham had an affair with the former Secretary of State that led to him leaving Pryce, his wife of 26 years, in June 2010 when the matter was made public.

Trimingham sued over 65 "highy unpleasant and hurtful" articles which appeared in the Mail which she said represented a "cataclysmic interference" in her private life, saying she was particularly concerned that many of the articles made reference to her bisexuality.

In May, Justice Tungendhat rejected Ms Trimingham's claim, saying she was not the "purely private figure she claims to be", and that her "reasonable expectation of privacy has become limited" because of both her relationship with Huhne and what she herself had disclosed in the past.

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