Cameraman arrested for filming outside de Menezes inquest

A cameraman was arrested as he attempted to film one of the unnamed marksmen who shot dead Jean Charles de Menezes, police said today.

Officers held the man after he ignored warnings to stop filming vehicles leaving the inquest into the Brazilian’s death.

The arrest took place yesterday, only minutes after the officer, known only as C12, finished giving evidence of his role in the shooting.

Scotland Yard has gone to great lengths to ensure C12 and his colleague C2, who also fired fatal shots and is giving evidence today, are not identified.

The specialist firearms officers have been taken to and from the inquest in guarded people carriers with blacked-out windows.

The entrance has been closed off as the men are ushered into a waiting room, flanked by police officers, before giving evidence from behind screens.

Coroner Sir Michael Wright QC warned today that any attempt to identify the men would be treated as a contempt of court and result in “serious consequences”.

He said: “I understand that yesterday evening there was an incident at the gates of the Oval when a photographer, as I understand it, is believed to have attempted to take a photograph of an anonymised witness or witnesses, either arriving at or leaving the premises.

“I wish to make it clear yet again that any attempt to breach the order that I have made to protect the anonymity of anonymised witnesses is a contempt of court, and that any such attempt is likely to result in serious consequences both for the photographer and his editor.”

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “At approximately 4.15pm on October 27 a man was arrested to prevent a breach of the peace outside the Oval Cricket Stadium.

“Having been warned first by police officers that his conduct could breach the anonymity order granted by Sir Michael Wright when he continued to attempt to film vehicles leaving and entering through the gate designated for witnesses, who have been granted anonymity, he was arrested.

“He has been taken to a local police station before being released. The coroner has been informed.”

Richard Howell QC, counsel for the Met, said extra barriers would be set up at the witness entrance gate.

Police would take the “necessary action” if any photographers attempt to get around these barriers to get nearer to the gate, he said.

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