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BuzzFeed plays the long game and five other must-reads

The Digital half dozen.

1. How much do newspapers think their audiences are worth? (The Media Briefing)

The value of national newspaper readership based on comparative print and online rate cards. An interesting exercise.

2. Stop attacking 'web first' as if the world is going to stand still (Online Journalism Blog)

Paul Bradshaw writes: "No one has the answer to the question of paying for journalism, but we should at least acknowledge that the old system is broken. We cannot go back to print profit margins: readers have left, and advertisers are following."

3. No, giving away the news doesn't mean lower-quality journalism (GigaOm)

Meanwhile, Mathew Ingram returns to a familiar theme: newspapers have always been subsidised by advertising and that fact doesn't pre-determine quality. 

4. Instapaper creator Marco Arment launches The Magazine, a different kind of periodical for Apple’s Newsstand (The Next Web) 

Long reads from an unexpected source, part 1.

5.  King of the long form: New Yorker, The Atlantic and … BuzzFeed? (PaidContent)

Long reads from an unexpected source, part 2.

6.  Why banner blindness means display ads still aren't fit for the web (The Media Briefing)

Veteran web designer Jakob Nielsen on what advertisers and publishers can do to make audiences pay more attention.




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