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British Journalism Awards 2012 showcase: Business Journalist of the Year finalists

A showcase of the public interest journalism (in every sense) which saw these reporters commended by the British Journalism Awards judges in the category of Business Journalist of the Year

Business Journalist of the year – Chris Giles, Financial Times

Gaining remarkable access over several months Chris Giles compiled a compelling in-depth account of the inner workings of the Bank of England. The judges said: “His piece about the Court of King Mervyn would have been a must-read in the City of London and at Number 10 and 11 as well. It was engaging and revealing writing about something we know very little about. Other journalists will be using this piece as background material for years to come.”

The Court of King Mervyn

Bank independence was a well-intentioned failure

MPC record not so pretty five years on

Catherine Lea (Hull Daily Mail)

A business editor from the regional paper, Catherine Lea broke stories that would affect her readers, as well as the wider economy. With stories such as jobs being shifted to China, the loss of UK manufacturing, and the shut down of positions in Hull's retail market. 

Job Losses…to China 

Revealed: Hawk Jets to be built in the States 

Jobs axed…Comet 

Deirdre Hipwell (The Times)

2012 saw Deirdre Hipwell regularly break out of the business pages of The Times and into its Home pages, writing a string of exclusive news stories with wide-reaching ramifications. The three stories comprising this submission, all of which were widely followed up by other newspapers and media organisations, are good examples of her work.

Rich avoid stamp duty in £1bn tax loophole 

Drama finally over as Beeb chooses a buyer for TV Centre 

Hammerson to sell all its London offices 

Larry Elliott (Guardian News and Media)

Economics editor of the Guardian, he submitted three pieces about the problems of 2011 and warning of how difficult a return to growth would be to achieve in 2012, the dilemma facing global leaders attending the World Economic Forum in Davos and a look back at the five years since the global financial crisis took hold and the reasons why the policy response so far has been, and will continue to be, inadequate.

2011 – the year the policymakers misread everything about the economy

Davos policymakers are playing Global Apocalypse – and running out of lives

Three myths that sustain the economic crisis


Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith (Marketing/Brand Republic)

A reporter at Marketing magazine, a business publication part of the Brand Republic Group, Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith's submissions address inportant issues for the target audience of the marketing and communications industry, but also serve the public interest by both being hooked on a general news event.

Truth about youth: do you know Generation Z

Sizing up 'real' women

Nick Mathiason (The Bureau of Investigative Journalism) 

Nick Mathiason led a small team at the Bureau of Investigative Journalism that attempted to define the size and scale of the British financial lobby. The results generated 19 separate stories published on the Bureau’s website. The Guardian ran the investigation over two days on July 9 and July 10 spanning five pages including its front-page splash.

Revealed: The £93m City lobby machine

Streets paved with gold: The council that works for banks

Get the data: The Bureau’s financial lobby database



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