Bishop bashes Tesco for selling 'degrading' lads' mags - Press Gazette

Bishop bashes Tesco for selling 'degrading' lads' mags

A top cleric has attacked supermarket giant Tesco for “degrading women” by selling lads' mags.

Speaking in the House of Lords Bishop of Derby, the Rt Rev Alastair Redfern, said "people like Tesco sell these magazines which objectify women along with the cheese and the cornflakes".

In a debate on human rights violations, he said "it normalises the offensive attitude to making women commodities and objectifying them".

The bishop added: "It's a process of freedom we give for large companies like Tesco to degrade women in our midst."

Urging peers to look at the "motes" in their own eyes over human rights, he said: "I'm embarrassed that my own Church has legislation in place to discriminate against women and much religion still does."

The Church of England has been rightly criticised for its "long and tortuous path about trying to give women full access to leadership in our institution".

His comments came a day after the Church of England's ruling body voted in favour of proposals which could allow the ordination of women bishops next year.



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