Bigfoot roams the Cotswolds

Our old friend Tanya ‘Bigfoot’ Gold pops up in the Guardian’s G2 section, thankfully in a frothy piece about stalking celebrities around Gloucestershire, rather than in yet another confessional whining on about her obesity, bulimia, alcoholism, halitosis, piles or some other such affliction.

Sadly, Tanya hasn’t learned her lesson and blithely appears in two pictures wearing flip-flops, which only goes to make her over-abundance in the foot department appear even more dramatic.

They’re like mini JCBs devouring the landscape. For God’s sake, love. Put them away!

(Incidentally, Tanya – that’s three times now in recent years that you’ve recycled that Jane Austen article which appeared in the same publication last week. There is such a thing as Google, you know.)


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