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BBC unveils 'faster, simpler' complaints proposals

The BBC has unveiled plans to make it "faster, simpler and easier" to complain about the corporation.

The proposals include setting up a corrections and clarifications page on the BBC website, appointing a chief complaints editor who will be able to fast-track specific complaints, and establishing a guide telling people where and how to complain.

BBC Trust chairman Lord Patten said: "The BBC is the world's greatest broadcaster, but it isn't perfect and it does sometimes get things wrong. When it does, it needs to make amends quickly and apologise if appropriate. The proposed changes are designed to make the process faster, simpler and easier to understand for audiences and give genuine complaints the priority they deserve."

The BBC gets about 240,000 editorial complaints a year.

Its complaints procedure has been criticised in the past – last year its former chairman Lord Grade said complaining to the corporation was "a grisly experience".

Lord Grade, who also served as BBC1 controller during his career, said: "Since I've left the BBC, I've had two serious complaints that I've been involved in against the BBC and that has been such a grisly experience that I have to say now I think an ombudsman is absolutely the answer."

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