BBC This Week's Andrew Neil marks 'end of an error' in final episode

BBC This Week presenter Andrew Neil marks 'end of an error' in final episode after 16 years

BBC This Week

BBC presenter Andrew Neil took a jab at the broadcaster’s scheduling as late-night politics show This Week came to an end last night.

The host took aim at the BBC’s decision to air a programme about male circumcision in the slot before This Week’s finale, which was broadcast in front of a studio audience at Westminster’s Central Hall.

It was revealed in February that Neil was bowing out from This Week, bringing the BBC One political chat show to an end after 16 years.

The BBC is turning its popular Brexitcast podcast into a late-night TV programme to fill the slot.

The new show will air on Thursdays at 11.30pm on BBC One starting from September.

During This Week’s finale, Neil poked fun at the “panjandrums of BBC scheduling”, saying: “Not content with putting us on so late that often we were the lead into breakfast TV, tonight in a final act of scheduling stupidity the programme before our final show tonight was about male circumcision.

“The final cut before our final show.”

In his final goodbye at the end of the programme, Neil said: “It really is the end of an error- sorry I mean end of an era.

“Thanks to everybody out there who has made this show what it is: a total travesty of public service broadcasting. Nighty-night, don’t let the casting pod bite.”

Neil was sent off with an ovation from the studio audience and a rendition of Nobody Does It Better by Simply Red frontman Mick Hucknall.

Neil was joined by regular guests Michael Portillo, Labour MP Alan Johnson and Molly the dog, as well as broadcaster Piers Morgan and journalist Miranda Green.

Labour Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, who was a regular part of This Week, did not appear for the finale.

But she did write a piece for the New Statesman saying the show was “never surpassed” and that she “loved doing the programme”.

Picture: BBC



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  2. I cancelled my BBC Tax as soon as I heard they were cancelling This Week – it was the final straw.

    I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Subsidising this biased, sneering, didactic, state mouthpiece is not ethically defensible. The BBC has barely been missed in this household and I can’t wait for its demise unless it is radically and thoroughly reformed, starting with reducing its tax by 90%.

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