BBC leads Amnesty Media Awards nominations

Amnesty International UK has announced the shortlist for its annual Media Awards.

The BBC is the leading news organsation overall with ten nominations in various categories.

The awards recognise excellence in human rights reporting and acknowledge journalism’s contribution to raising awareness of human rights issues.

There are ten categories covering print, broadcast and online journalism.

The winners of the 18th Media Awards will be announced at the British Film Institute in London on Tuesday, 2 June.

Full shortlist:


  • Aleem Maqbool, BBC News.
  • Ramita Navai, Channel 4 / Quicksilver Media / More4 News / ITN.
  • Thomas Bell, The Daily Telegraph.


  • Assignment: Africa’s Guantánamo, BBC World Service; David Edmonds, Jeremy Skeet, Rob Walker.
  • Outlook: Dr Abuelaish, BBC World Service; Deiniol Buxton, Gavin Poncia, Simon Tillotson, Lucy Ash.
  • World’s Untold Stories: The Forgotten People, CNN; Dan Rivers, Mary Rogers.


  • Eòrpa, BBC Scotland; Hedda MacLeod, Catriona MacKinnon, Colin MacLeod, Annie Cheape, Iain Macinnes, Darren Laing, Alasdair Fraser.
  • The Fight for Justice, The Herald Magazine; Lucy Adams.
  • Spotlight: Prisoner B2970, BBC Belfast; Darragh MacIntyre, Paul Lindsay, Gwyneth Jones.


  • Britain’s New Resistance Fighters: How Neighbours are Uniting to Save Asylum Seekers from Deportation, Guardian G2; Rachel Stevenson, Harriet Grant.
  • Israel’s Rain of Fire on Gaza, The Times; Sheera Frenkel, Michael Evans.
  • MI5 and the Torture Chambers of Pakistan, The Guardian; Ian Cobain.


  • A Day In The Life: Afghanistan, Sky News Online; Alex Crawford, Hugh Westbrook, Stuart Ramsay.
  • Kenya: The Cry of Blood – Extra Judicial Killings and Disappearances, Wikileaks; Julian Assange.
  • Kenyan, Burnt Out, Displaced And Forgotten, duckrabbit; Benjamin Chesterton, Dolphine Emali, Yasuyoshi Chiba, Eliza Barclay.


  • The ‘No Place for Children’ campaign, New Statesman; Sir Al Aynsley Green, Gillian Slovo.
  • ‘Crisis In Gaza: The Conflict Within Hamas’ and ‘The Killings, Shootings and Checkpoints are our Children’s Curriculum’, New Statesman; Edward Platt.
  • Was it like this for the Irish? London Review of Books; Gareth Peirce.


  • The Dirty Secrets of Your NHS, Live Magazine (Mail on Sunday); Jonathan Green.
  • The Hell Of Being An Asylum Seeker, The Observer Magazine; Mark Haddon.
  • Why do the Italians Hate Us? The Observer Magazine; Dan McDougall.


  • Gaza Aftermath, Associated Press, Lefteris Pitarakis
  • No One Much Cares, Newsweek, Eugene Richards
  • Disposable People: Contemporary Global Slavery, Foto 8, Jim Goldberg


  • Forgotten: The Central African Republic, BBC Radio 4 – Today Programme; Edward Main, Ceri Thomas, Mike Thomson.
  • Gay in JA; The Catch Up, BBC Radio 1 – Newsbeat & 1Xtra News / Somethin’ Else; Joby Waldman, Debbie Ramsay.
  • Liberia: Children for Sale, BBC Radio 4 – Crossing Continents; Bill Law, Maria Balinska, Nadene Ghouri.


  • Panorama: China’s Secret War, BBC; Robin Barnwell, Sandy Smith, Hilary Andersson.
  • Dispatches: Saving Africa’s Witch Children, Channel 4 / Red Rebel Films / Southern Star Factual; Mags Gavan, Joost Van der Valk, Alice Keens-Soper, Paul Woolwich.
  • The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall, Channel 4 / TalkbackThames; Barney Reisz, Rowan Joffe.


  • Ethiopian government accused of downplaying scale of drought, Channel 4 News / ITN; Nick Sturde, Jamal Osman, Jonathan Rugman.
  • Kiwanja Massacre: Congo, Channel 4 News / ITN; Ben De Pear, Jonathan Miller, Stuart Webb, Robert Chamwami.
  • What Happened in Jabaliya, BBC News; Christian Fraser, Robbie Wright, Hamada Abu Qammar, Rushdi Abu Alouf, Youssef Shomali.

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