BBC launches fresh search for journalism talent

The BBC has launched the second round of its journalism talent pool search, which it says is aimed at opening the corporation up to wider audiences.

The talent pool is only open to experienced journalists who may, or may not, already work at the BBC.

After assessment and interviews by senior BBC journalists, about 30 successful candidates will be recommended to editors to fill potential vacancies.

Paul Deal, based in the BBC College of Journalism in London, manages the talent pool. He said: “The pool is looking for good writing, curiosity, and someone committed to original journalism.

“We’ve had great feedback from BBC editors and managers who’ve recruited people from the pool. They’ve been impressed by the quality and diversity of the people they’ve hired.”

The project, backed by the BBC Diversity Centre, aims to recruit people from a range of backgrounds and encourages applications from journalists who have a disability.

“We’re always looking at ways to open the BBC up, so we are looking for people to help us connect with different audiences,” said Deal.

The BBC’s first journalism talent pool search last year resulted in 19 successful candidates being recommended for jobs – most of whom now work at the BBC, including the multimedia newsroom in London, BBC Wales; the Asian Network and 1Xtra news.

Former Press Gazette reporter Owen Amos was selected for the journalism talent pool when he worked at the Northern Echo and has just been recruited for a BBC job writing radio news bulletins.

Another journalist picked last year is Linn Martinussen, who is blind. She said: “I found it great that the BBC didn’t seem to find a problem with me having a disability and I immediately got all the help and support I needed.” She has joined CBBC as a researcher.

The first talent pool scheme attracted more than 580 applications when it began as a pilot last autumn in Wales, Yorkshire, the East Midlands and two departments in London – the multimedia newsroom and 1Xtra news.

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