BBC apologises and pays damages to Ukranian president over story

BBC apologises and pays damages to Ukranian president over claim he paid to extend Trump talks

The BBC has apologised to Ukranian president Petro Poroshenko and agreed to pay him damages after wrongly claiming he had made a “corrupt payment” to extend talks with US President Donald Trump.

Poroshenko (pictured, left) brought the libel action over a News at Ten bulletin on 23 May last year and an online article published the same day, which has now been removed.

The BBC claimed Poroshenko had “procured or authorised a corrupt payment” of $400,000 (£300,000) to be made to Michael Cohen, Trump’s then-personal lawyer.

The purpose was for Cohen to extend a short meeting between Poroshenko and Trump in June 2017, which had already been arranged, into more substantial talks, the BBC reported.

Poroshenko said the reports suggested he was “guilty of serious corruption”.

The case was settled in London’s High Court today.

The BBC said it settled following a ruling by a High Court judge last month that “the presentation of evidence is entirely one-sided” in its reports and that “the ordinary reasonable viewer/reader would not find any basis on which to exclude the claimant from involvement” in the payment.

In a statement published today, the corporation said: “We believed that the publications made a less serious allegation against Mr Poroshenko, but in the light of a finding by the High Court… we are happy to accept that this allegation was untrue.

“We apologise to Mr Poroshenko for any distress caused and have agreed to pay him damages, legal costs and have participated in a joint statement in open court.”

Picture: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst 



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  1. i think this says more about the bbc’s assumptions about the trump white house than it does about its view about poroshenko, which may be how it got through to a news broadcast.
    where did the claim come from?

  2. There are talking about true and separete news but also they hide the details of england government. Still waiting for the news of new economic program on news. i dont care and anyone care i thing but the new top secret consultant is i suppose in turkey now becouse of gossips or living in mays house as a mouse;) but d.benjamin berra is thought new suppliment on economy an avaricious and noob in thirties age. Really shock. Christian netiher nor english native. Semi English and a jews. They are also in ukraine and turkey. Becouse of brexit they change the latest correlations on news. I think that it is not about trump says. It is about brexit May lefts the seat and the new program with ukraine and england, we will enjoy…

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