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Axed New York man eyes Telegraph return

Harry Mount, one-time leader writer and more recently New York correspondent for the Telegraph, has decided to moor his boat in the UK, having given up his leader-writing role at the Daily Mail after only a few months.

Mount ‒ whose father Ferdy was a close aide to Maggie Thatcher when she was at Number 10 ‒ already has two successful novels under his belt and plans to concentrate on more writing. With a US publishing deal, who needs the Telegraph shilling anyway?

Having said that, Mount isn’t too proud to turn down the Barclay Brothers’ cash ‒ last week he had a lengthy piece in The Spectator (owned by the Barclay Brothers) about the differences between London and New York, and now, I hear, is soon to start writing for The Daily Telegraph again.

Meanwhile, Francis Harris ‒ one-time deputy foreign editor who was rewarded for his hard grind on the desk with a posting to the Telegraph’s Washington office ‒ was also a victim of Con Coughlin’s tenure at the foreign desk. Now Harris, who, like Mount, has relocated to London, has signed up a lucrative deal working in the City for Bloomberg.



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