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Ashbys at war over Amy Winehouse

Jonathan Ashby, retired founder, editor-in-chief and CEO of the World Entertainment News Network, has been signed up by the Blake publishing company to write the biography of the troubled Amy Winehouse.

But the problem is that his youngest daughter, Juliette, is against this project because she’s a childhood friend of Amy. In addition, her older sister, Jessica, rejected the book after Amy gave it the thumbs-down.

So Ashby Snr, by taking on the task, has angered both his daughters and it’s not certain whether Amy will agree to cooperate. It all depends on how much influence Juliette and Jessica can bring to bear.

Meanwhile, Ashby was already hard at work writing an extended chapter about Amy for his upcoming autobiography: Arthur, Why Are The Servants Doing Crack?

“It’s like a world war in our house at the moment,” Ashby Snr tells me.

“Being accused of cashing in on your daughters’ best friend is a bit stomach-churning. My daughters have grown up to share the common view that journalists are not to be trusted, including their dad, which is very sad.

“Amy was a regular visitor to our family home and when she moved out of home, Juliette went with her and they got a flat together in Finchley.

“I gave Amy her first job; I love Amy and it’s dreadful for all of those near and dear to her to see her as she is today. I’m committed to writing a biography, and I hope by the time we’re finished, we’ll all be friends again.”