Andrew Pierces secrecy for the twins

Readers of The Daily Telegraph could be forgiven if they were bemused about a rather arcane tale on the prospect of Guernsey becoming independent from the United Kingdom.

The paper’s assistant editor Andrew Pierce uncovers the story behind the “secret” discussions on the island’s future in a prominent piece for the paper.

The “behind closed doors” meeting is “cloaked in such secrecy” that spin doctors at the island’s parliament were told not to release the agenda, writes Pierce.

Fortunately for doubtless fascinated Telegraph readers, he had obtained a rare
copy of the agenda.

But oddly, Pierce finds no space in his story to mention two of the Channel Islands’ best known and most influential characters.

Absent is any word from the Telegraph-owning Barclay brothers. The billionaires just happen to own a cliff-top castle on the nearby island of Brecqhou and have taken a very keen interest in the way the Channel Islands are run.

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