Andrew Buncombe shot in Thailand: 'Were soldiers now deliberately firing at journalists?' - Press Gazette

Andrew Buncombe shot in Thailand: 'Were soldiers now deliberately firing at journalists?'

Journalist Andrew Buncombe was shot in the leg yesterday reporting from the heart of the Red Shirt protestors’ last stand in Bangkok yesterday for the Independent.

Buncombe was in a temple complex with other journalists, medics and people sheltering from the fighting.

He wrote:

“Where had this shooting come from? Were soldiers now deliberately firing at journalists or did they simply not care? The medics dived over, pouring cold water on the burning wound and pressing down bandages to stop them. It was effectively just a bad flesh wound but the fragments of lead burned and stung. There were countless people with wounds, but the medics – who had set up a pharmacy and emergency clinic amid the temple’s lush, exotic foliage could have done no more.

“Precisely which positions the firing was coming from was unclear and why the troops would be shooting so widely, with so little caution, was unclear. Was it coming from snipers or from the regular troops?

“It seems almost certain it was coming from the troops. And who within the chain of command was ordering troops to fire so recklessly, so close to so many people, the vast overwhelming majority of whom were unarmed, unthreatening and who – as they had been asked by the authorities – had just left their place in the city centre. Had they had an opportunity to leave, safely, then they would have. Everyone recognised this was the end of their struggle, or at least this stage of it. Pressing, vital questions need to be answered by the highest levels.”



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