Alex Salmond will host politics show on RT 'as usual' while facing sex assault charges

Alex Salmond will host politics show on RT 'as usual' while facing sex assault charges

Alex Salmond will continue to host his own show on RT (formerly Russia Today) “as usual” while facing multiple sex offence charges, including two counts of attempted rate, the Kremlin-backed broadcaster has confirmed.

RT said it would not take any action against Salmond, who hosts The Alex Salmond Show every Thursday, “that might affect due process” and backed him as innocent until proven guilty in a statement to Press Gazette.

The former First Minister of Scotland was charged with 14 offences last week, including two charges of attempted rate, nine of sexual assault, two of indecent assault and one charge of breach of the peace.

Speaking to reporters outside Edinburgh Sheriff Court on 24 January, Salmond, 64, denied all allegations of criminality made against him.

Salmond signed a deal with RT in 2017 to host a political talk show on the UK news channel.

In a statement on the charges against Salmond, an RT spokesperson said: “In respect of the legal process currently underway in the Scottish Court, we are unable to comment, or take any action that might affect due process.

“This matter does not concern anything related to the Alex Salmond Show or RT, and The Alex Salmond Show will continue on-air, as usual, at this time.

“It is important to note, irrespective of the findings on this matter in court, that we believe firmly in the principles of a fair trial, including both the right to justice for victims and the presumption of innocence, and that we utterly condemn sexual misconduct in any form.”

In last Thursday’s episode, The Alex Salmond Show centred on the Danish political climate and mostly consisted of pre-recorded footage.

Last year Ofcom found RT had broke broadcasting rules by “failing to preserve due impartiality” in seven news and current affairs programmes.

The news channel is seeking a judicial review of Ofcom’s “decisions and processes” over the findings, saying it “firmly believes” none of its programmes breached standards.

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  1. Ok, I guess Mr Walker doesn’t really like RT and is rather miffed that we should believe someones innocence until proven otherwise? Aside, read a recent article by Craig Murray concerning what appears to be stitch up job on Mr Salmond, gives a good perspective on this whole affair.

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