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Age ain't nothing but a (made up) number

Just like Dorian Gray, ebullient Irish Sun deputy editor Craig MacKenzie never seems to age. In fact, the man they used to call the Bouncing Bogbrush appears to defy time by growing younger year by year.

Indeed, according to a fawning “Whizz Quiz” profile of the great man in News International’s in-house newspaper, The News, Fleet Street legend Kelvin‘s kid brother is still a relative spring chicken at 53.

All of which might come as a surprise to those who have seen Dublin-based Craig’s birth certificate.

For that records he was born in February 1949, making him 58 ‒ and now less than 18 months away from getting his senior citizen’s bus pass.

One old pal said: “It must obviously be a subbing error.

Even though, of course, he looks far younger than he is, Craig would be far too modest and self-effacing to tell fibs about his age.”

Interestingly, when asked in the profile for the “advice I wish I had received”, Craig replied: “Never trust an Irishman who looks like a red onion.”

Who could he be referring to?

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