Advertiser becomes gospel of good news

Newspaper circulations being what they are, it is perhaps not surprising that one regional daily has opted to ask for some divine assistance.

The bishop of Swindon, the Right Reverend Lee Rayfield, guest-edited the Swindon Advertiser for a day last Wednesday.

And after his experience, Bishop Rayfield had some words of wisdom to share.

“In my job, I come across many great stories about positive responses to difficult situations and it is important that we reflect this in the paper.

“The Adver [as it is known locally] certainly could not be accused of never putting in positive stories, but there is a perception that there is more gloom and doom in the town.

“Journalists can help overturn this by not being afraid to emphasise positive elements.”

A newslist filled with positive stories about Swindon? Now that really would need some divine intervention.

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