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ABCe: Mail Online stays top, Times and Sun drop out

The Mail Online continued to be the most popular UK national newspaper website in March attracting 39 million unique browsers a month and 2.25 million a day.

Meanwhile, News International‘s Times Online and Sun websites have dropped out of the monthly web audit ahead of their move behind paywalls. was in second place on 1.85m unique browsers a day and 33.3m per month, the Telegraph was in third place and Mirror Group and The Independent were a fair way behind in fourth and fifth.

ABC does not know whether The Times and Sun will return to revealing their website figures on a monthly basis.

But it seems unlikely that they will do so in the near future as their traffic figures are likely to reduce sharply following the introduction of the paywall. After that point they will be more concerned about numbers of paying subscribers.

National newspaper website traffic figures for March 2010 (source ABCe)

Unique browsers for per day, percentage year on year change * unique browsers per month, percentage year on year change

MailOnline: 2,246,746, 62.43 * 39,170,732, 64.80 1,852,293, 40.08 * 33,371,947, 27.19

Telegraph: 1,557,118, 11.37 * 30,258,382, 9.20

Mirror Group Digital: 467,711, 35.06 * 10,062,032, 40.96

The Independent: 445,588, 1.16 * 9,992,367, -0.42

Note: ABCe used to refer to unique users but has changed this to browsers to reflect the fact that it records the number of different computers logging on to websites, rather than the number of people.