ABCe: breaks 26m mark in November - Press Gazette

ABCe: breaks 26m mark in November broke the 26 million unique user mark for the first time in November, according to officially audited web traffic figures from ABCe released this afternoon.

The Guardian News and Media site posted a 48.8 per cent year-on-year increase in traffic to 26,043,707 – widening the gap with second-ranked to more than 3m.

The Telegraph’s unique user figure in the 30-day month of November was marginally behind October, which had 31 days, but was still up 79.35 per cent to 22,958,505 on a year-on-year basis.

Times Online regained the third place from Mail Online, up 75.84 per cent year on year to 21,598,720.

The Mail website, in fourth place, rose 44.77 per cent to 20,869,627 but fell slightly compared with the month of October.

Sun Online fell back below the 17m mark with 16,427,790 – down from last month’s 17,127,539 but still up 41.51 per cent compared with November last year.

The Independent recorded 8,888,221 unique users in November, up 92.43 per cent year on year.

The Mirror Group websites gained an extra 83,000 unique users compared with October, posting a traffic figure of 5,916,155 in November. No year-on-year comparison is available yet.

UK unique users 9,548,426 (36.7%) 7,394,866 (32.2%)
Times Online: 7,231,485 (33.4%)
Sun: 6,936,051 (42.2%)
Mail Online: 6,441,804 (30.9%)
Mirror Group: 3,372,104 (57%)