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ABC figures leak shows boost for US edition of OK

Is the American edition of OK doing ok? It seems so.

Official figures for magazine sales in the second half of last year won’t be out for a few more days. But the NY Post, somehow, got some details of the actual figures.

Although OK has reportedly lost more than $85 million on its American edition since its launch two and half years ago, its circulation is showing a steady climb with single-copy sales jumping to 550,000 from 513,000 and total circulation up 24 per cent to 935,378 from 757,473 in 2006.

There are reports that OK is about to up its newsstand price from $2.99 to $3.40 in March – but there has been no confirmation from the magazine itself.

The ABC figures also show US Weekly’s newsstand sales up 2.7 per cent to l,005,081 with a total circulation up ten per cent to just slightly under 2,000.000.

People magazine is one the old-timers not doing so well. Its total circulation is expected show a drop of 3.5 per cent to 3,700.000, and newsstand sales sinking six per cent to l,142,000. Although still the biggest in the field, some of its rivals have occasionally outsold it on newsstands.

Time executives, Kelly reports, are a little worried and looking for ways to give the magazine more fizz. Whether its exclusive front page story on the death of actor Heath Ledger did any good won’t be known until the next six months figs come out. The magazine that week did sell l,700,000 copies on newsstands.

Star Magazine is expected to show a decline of between three and four per cent on newsstands and ten per cent in overall circulation – down to 1.366,000 from l,542,000.