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Meet the judges

The British Journalism Awards judges are chosen for there huge experience and independence.

  • Robin Lustig. Left the BBC after 23 years presenting The World Tonight on Radio 4. He has previously worked for Reuters and as home affairs editor of The Observer

  • Kim Fletcher, formerly editorial director of the Telegraph Group, deputy editor of The Sunday Telegraph and editor of the Independent on Sunday. He is chairman of the National Council for the Training of Journalists and editor of the British Journalism Review

  • Steve Dyson, former editor of the Evening Gazette in Teesside and the Birmingham Mail. Media consultant and special correspondent for BBC WM Radio

  • Peter Preston, editor of The Guardian from 1975 to 1995

  • John Dale, fomerly of The Observer, Daily Mail and editor of Take a Break for 20 years. Ten-time BSME Awards winner

  • Liz Gerard, former night editor of The Times with 40 years experience in journalism – author of the SubScribe blog

  • Fiona Fox, chief executive of the Science Media Centre

  • Alan Geere, former editor of titles including The Tribune (USA), the Trinidad Express and the Northcliffe Media South East series

  • Moira Sleight, managing editor of the Methodist Recorder

  • John Mair, former BBC producer and editor of 10 books on journalism

  • David Banks, former editor of the Daily Mirror, New York Daily News, Sydney Daily Telegraph

  • Robin Morgan, former Sunday Times Magazine editor

  • Peter Cole, emeritus professor of journalism at Sheffield University, former deputy editor of The Guardian and founder editor of the Sunday Correspondent

  • Ian Reeves, former editor of Press Gazette now director of learning at the University of Kent journalism department

  • Paul Charman, principle lecturer in journalism at the London College of Communications

Professor Jane Singer, of City University in London

Dominic Ponsford, editor of Press Gazette

  • John Sweeney, long serving investigative journalist and former reporter for Panorama

  • Neil Fowler – former editor of Which magazine, The Journal, Western Mail, Toronto Sun and Lincolnshire Echo

  • Kurt Barling, former investigative journalist for the BBC now professor of journalism at Middlesex University

Frances Harrison, former BBC foreign correspondent and author of Still Counting the Dead

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The 2015 British Journalism Awards are supported by: