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Why Cudlipp wasn't perfect; 50s and 60s grass is always greener; Potty for Bradford

50s and 60s grass is always greener…

Former women’s editor of the Daily Mirror Felicity Green, now well into her eighties, had some choice anecdotes to relate about Hugh Cudlipp last week night when she introduced the annual Cudlipp lecture at the LCC.

Those of us not around during the golden age of print in the 1950s and 1960s can only sigh and wonder at the first one.

She bumped into Hugh in the editors’ office after returning from three weeks off sick.

“He said, ‘what’s the matter with you, you look fucking awful’… I said well yes I did feel ‘fucking awful’. He went to the telephone and said ‘get my secretary’, I heard this man say get hold of Felicity Green and book her ten days in Barbados…And that actually happened.”

Cudlipp not perfect

Green also related how the great man’s feel for popular culture could be fallible.

After The Beatles were booked to play at a Daily Mirror ball for “char ladies”, Hugh was not impressed.

He could be overheard telling a colleague: “I do not want to read one further word about those fuckers in the Daily Mirror.”

Potty for Bradford

From Los Angeles word reaches me about Daily Mirror hack turned ghostwriter extraordinaire Steve Dennis who has been following the success of his beloved Bradford City, who last month knocked Aston Villa out of the League Cup.

He has found a bar in Venice beach where he apparently watches every match faithfully wearing a scarf in his club’s amber and claret colours.

People keep approaching him not because they recognise him as the author of such hit books as “Britney: Inside the dream”, but because they think he is Harry Potter “post-puberty, obviously”, he laughs.