Why Coles's perfect partner is his ex-wife

Old Etonian and former Sun Royal reporter William Coles thought he’d seen the last of his ex-wife, writer Anna Pasternak, when they divorced six years ago after precisely one year of marriage.

“We haven’t spoken since the divorce… and then this happens,” says Bill, referring to the entry for his first novel, The Well-Tempered Clavier, on Amazon.

Directly below the entry for his book, a romantic tale about the passionate love between a 17-year-old Etonian student and his 25-year-old piano teacher, is a section headed Perfect Partners ‒ and there it is: Daisy Dooley Does Divorce by Anna Pasternak.

“I’m certainly not responsible,” Coles tells me. “It is utterly bizarre. I would never have dreamed that out of all the books out there in the world, the perfect partner to my book would be Anna’s Daisy Dooley.

“It looks like a stunt and maybe, just maybe, it is Anna’s stunt, but I am certainly not going to phone her and ask her…”
Pasternak found fame and fortune with a trashy tome entitled Princess in Love.

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