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'What is the ideal penis size?' And 27 more questions you can ask the Daily Mirror website

What is the ideal penis size? Axegrinder hasn't given it much thought. But judging by the current most read story on the Mirror's website, headlined "What is the ideal penis size? Study reveals what women want in the bedroom – and you might be pleasantly surprised", its readers have.

It got Axegrinder wondering, what other questions does the Mirror website have the answer to? As we found out below, there are lots.

Here are some more questions answered by the Mirror:

What channel is West Ham vs Liverpool on?

When is Easter 2016?

What are the best TV shows to watch in 2016?

What makes a good online dating profile?

Is it a just a girl crush or am I gay?

When is Chinese New Year 2016? 

When is Diwali?

What time is EastEnders on over Christmas and New Year?

When is Football Manager 2016 out?

When is the draw for Euro 2016?

When is England vs Australia?

When is I'm a Celebrity on TV?

When does the transfer window shut today?

When is Spectre released?

When is Coronation Street live?

When is Pancake Day 2016?

What is Lent? When does Lent start and end?

When is the Coca-Cola truck coming to your town?

When is Friends on Channel 5?

What is Amazon Prime?

What is a Super Bowl REALLY like?

What is Christmas Jumper Day?

What is a sleep orgasm?

Who is in I'm a Celebrity 2015?

Why do dogs tilt their heads when we speak?

Why do non-ginger men have ginger beards?

When and why do the clocks go back?

Some questions the Mirror website doesn't have the answer to: Is this journalism? Is it a worthwhile use of journalists' time? Will the Mirror do anything to trawl Google for clicks? What is it the point of it all?



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