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What has 57 heads, 12 controllers and 321 editors...? BBC News

BBC News has 321 editors, according to information released under the Freedom of Information Act.

The corporation's news division, which comprises 7,598 staff, also has 173 staff with "director" in their job title.

The BBC was asked under FoI to say how many job titles in the news division contain these words and others.

Fewer than half of BBC News staff – 3,472 – have "journalist" in their job title.

In all, the FoI (which can duplicate individuals) found there are 826 assistants, 363 producers and 57 heads.

Some 14 people have "change" in their job titles, 12 have "controller", six have "coordinating" and 16 have "coordinator".

In addition, there are 34 deputies, 20 executives, six managers and six people with "managing" in their titles.

The BBC employs more than 100 staff earn more than Prime Minister David Cameron, including a number of people in the news division.

They include: director of news and current affairs James Harding (salary £340,000), his deputy Fran Unsworth (£183,000), head of newsroom Mary Hockaday (£142,814), head of newsgathering Jonathan Munro ( £165,000) and managing editor Keith Blackmore (£160,000). 



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