Westmonster: News website supporting Brexit, Farage and Trump set up by political donor Aaron Banks

Pro-Brexit businessman Aaron Banks is bankrolling a new political website.

Westmonster decribes itself as: “Pro-Brexit, pro-Farage, pro-Trump. Anti-establishment, anti-open borders, anti-corporatism.”

It said: “In an age of transformative political change that has been spearheaded by groups like Leave.EU, the media landscape is quickly changing too. And so here we are.

“Westmonster is part of the growing movement in the UK and right across the world that wants to see radical political change.”

Banks gave £7m to the campaign for Britain to leave the EU.

He told the BBC: “The internet and social media has changed the world and the mainstream media is lagging a long way behind in the way it communicates. We want to shake things up a bit.”

The site is co-owned by Michael Heaver, former press secretary for Nigel Farage.

He said the site will be “speaking to people in a way they understand in language they understand”.

The site launched today with a comment piece from Nigel Farage and a variety of anti-EU news stories aggregated from various other news sources.

Press Gazette has contacted the publishers asking for more information.


7 thoughts on “Westmonster: News website supporting Brexit, Farage and Trump set up by political donor Aaron Banks”

  1. Why’s that then? Because YOU don’t agree with the people it supports? Pathetic! You are everything that is wrong with people today. Anything that you & your like minded friends don’t agree with is described as racist, xenophobic,bigoted. Well I put it to you and your tiny minded minority that things are changing worldwide so you’d just better suck it up. It’s OUR time now. Go back to your safe space little snowflake.

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